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Sass Development Group is a subsidiary of Rawakez which is a fast growing, fully Saudi owned Contracting company, headquartered in Riyadh, the central province of Saudi Arabia. Sass Group is proud of the significant contribution has provided to development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. sass group has established in 2001 as a Contracting company and after that made a good name in the field of operations and maintenance, cleaning, logistics support services. and now become one of the biggest in these field.

SDG. was established in 2015 in Riyadh city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by elite businesspersons with a paid-up capital of SAR 100,000,000. SDG aims to provide human resources services for both the private and public sectors through intermediation in manpower recruitment.

 The management is led by a technically and professionally qualified team with a wide vision to provide best services to the client. The company carries out engineering, Procurement, construction, equipment and fleet rentals and development for large-scale real estate projects, which include construction, maintenance of roads, residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, high‐rise towers etc. We have successfully completed many private, commercial as well as government projects all over Saudi Arabia.

We have a team of QA/QC engineers, supervisors and technical staffs who are ready to take up any challenging assignments in our areas of business. Since beginning, the company remains committed to the tasks and as a result, we gained recognition and reputation from our clients within a short span of time. The company is grateful to all its employees for their vital role and contributions towards its success & expansion.

SASS has enough strength of work force, fleets of equipment and trucks, own crusher units, engineering and architectural design department, fabrication facilities, trading divisions, real estate and consultancy firm to cater various requirements of its clients.

We are aimed to be strategically partnered with multinational companies and thereby providing business and employment opportunities in the country in various projects related to industrial, manufacturing, construction, trading and services. We believe that, our dedication towards our commitments, attitude on focus of growth and success, would give us more mileage to reach on to our mission: ‘to become one of the best companies in the Kingdom to satisfy every need of our clients without any compromise in quality and perfection’.

Messages From BOD

Sami A Alotaibi

I am delighted to present Sass Development Group to you that is “You create dreams, we make it true” and is proud to have continually delivered the right engineering and construction solutions for government and private sector clients since its inception in 2001. We don’t just build public and private infrastructure, we make a commitment to understand our clients' needs and offer an end-to-end solution to every project, big or small. We are a fast-growing company that is gaining outstanding reputation throughout Saudi Arabia in the field of specialized construction. We are experts in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. We also specialize in all kinds of civil works, earthwork, Road Construction, Block work, Sidewalks, lighting and infrastructure. At SDG we believe in reliability, integrity, professionalism, total quality management, teamwork and showing respect to our clients and associates. Our adherence to the real values of life has been the driving force for SDG’s recognition, not only in the construction industry but also in the society. Thank you for taking your valuable time to show your interest in SDG. Our aims are your satisfaction and develop long term working relationship.


Ahmed Alomri Chief Executive

In the name of God the Merciful Dear valued customer First of all welcome you to our website for Sass Development Group, SDG has worked from day one to meet all the needs of its customers through an integrated management system works best cadres working in the field of construction. SDG continues its support to its customers through continuous improvement in work and through constant modernization of equipment. We put all our assets and expertise to our clients to achieve their goals and our goals in building a bright future peppered with the achievements of last.


Akram Zubair Dupty Chief Executive

It's my pleasure and on behalf of my partners and members of the board to welcome you at Sass Development Group and on its website. I invite you to look through this website at the steady and serious work that SDG has done and is doing to achieve the ambitions of its founders, SDG contribution in realizing the kingdom's vision 2030, and in becoming an added value to the national economy. We, at SDG, work by an ambitious strategy, laid out by one of the top international companies, with the involvement and follow up of the company's distinctive team. The strategy was reviewed carefully by the board in several sessions and approved it as the company's course in its promising future. We look forward to it becoming a course through which the company with its executive departments and its peculiar team seeks to be one of the major leading companies in fulfilling the kingdom's aspirations. By enrolling the company in the capital market, we strive for transparency and to reinforce governance and institutional work in order to guarantee continuous growth, creativity, and innovate tools of success to remain in prosperity. SDG aims through its website to communicate with you and assures you that your remarks will receive the attention they deserve from specialists in the company.

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Kaleem Naimat Operations & Sales Manager

It is an undisputable fact that the current economic scenario is regarded as a real challenge for our industry. However, here in Sass Development Group, we enjoy an environment enriched with employee talent and passion. This talent and passion combined with our corporate culture of excellence, make SDG a dynamic and growing company that continues to thrive in the most challenging economic conditions. Our remarkable ability to achieve value is driven by our focused strategy and rigorous attention to operational efficiency. We remain undeterred in our aspiration to be one of the best performing groups in the Middle East and we firmly believe that our strategy will ensure the realization of our ambitions. Here in SDG, we are motivated by a fundamental aspect represented in our true belief that we have to exert consistent efforts to create additional value by implementing new and innovative solutions to current and future challenges. That goes a long way towards ensuring sustainability, profitability and success for all involved parties.

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Ahmed Abdelmaged Finance Manager

It gives me immense pleasure to present Sass Development Group, a multi-faceted organization engaged in diverse activities. Whilst undertaking our endeavors with full dedication and devotion in Operation & Maintinance, Logistics, and Cleaning, we also created long lasting relationship with the partners, associates and other stakeholders. In addition, we explored and took advantage of the existing and emerging market opportunities to create value for our trade and investment partners. As the Senior Member of this organization, I feel elated to see the Group’s marvelous progress in growth and performance in all of its spheres of business. I have every reason to believe that Sass Development Group is in its most glorious phase now and I am very much excited about its future. Having the right leadership and people on board, I am confident that Sass Development Group will continue to prosper and meet its commitments.

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