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Green Cleaning

Sanitizing Products


Sass Development Group is dedicated to providing cleaning services with the use of environmentally friendly products and cleaning procedures. What does this mean to your business?  It means that when you use SDG to provide janitorial service you are getting the very best and latest in green cleaning services and products.  This in turn means healthy place to work for your employees and customers.

 Green cleaning is a lot more than just using cleaning products that are considered “green.” Don’t get fooled by cleaning companies that advertise green cleaning.  Going green means much more.  At SDG we have taken green cleaning to a new level.  It dictates everything about how we do business.  Along with using environmentally safe products, our cleaning procedures are designed to reduce waste and use of unnecessary products.  What this means is a lower cost of doing business, which translates to a better cost for you.

Visit our Contact Us page to request a free consultation.  We will take a walk through and offer solutions on how together we can lower your cleaning cost and maintain a clean, healthy and inviting place to work.

Sanitizing Products
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