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Worker Lifting Cardboard Box


SDG Logistics Support Services have our own registered a bonded warehouse for our customer’s exclusive use. Below please find user facts for your guidance:

  • The store will be accessible 24 hour a day seven days a week and no after hours, weekend or public holiday fee will be charged.

  • We will manage all transactions in and out of the warehouse in accordance with the KSA customs regulations.

  • The warehouse is registered for both inside and safe outside storage. A security guard is on site 24 hours with quick response security back-up.

  • You will be charged for the warehouse per square meter occupied.

  • We will, with our in-house facilities and equipment, handle and transport your cargo for delivery to pre-determined locations. Rates to be agreed upon with representing vessel superintendents.

This warehouse facility makes it easier to coordinate the spares and equipment used in the repairs process.

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